New for 2013/14 - a home based set of challenges which improve individual ball mastery and skill. 
Begin at Level 1 and receive the white wristband and then aim to get to level 10 - the golden wristband!

The Skills Centre Challenge programme has been designed to encourage children to improve their football skills in their own time.  Players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi & Wayne Rooney attribute much of their skills to playing on the streets as a child.  This meant that they “trained” for much longer than the standard one training session & matches per week combination which is common now.  For obvious reasons we cannot encourade children to play in the streets so therefore we have put together a series of 8 challenges in every level which can be practiced in even the smallest of gardens!  The aim?  To maximise your potential!

What do the challenges improve?

Ball Mastery

Need to dribble at speed past down the wing or through a crowd of players in the centre circle?  If your answer is yes then these are the challenges for you!  Learn to use all surfaces of your feet, yes, both your feet!  Dazzle your friends with your new skills and build up your confidence so that you use them in your matches!

Ball Juggles

How many can you do? STOP!  Have you been taught to do it properly?  Did you know that ball juggles can really improve your control & balance?  The Ball Juggle challenges start with the easiest ball juggle of them all, "the kick!" and finish with the hardest the "around the word!"

Floor Skills

Cant get past a defender?  Have you tried the Falcao?  The Ursell?  The Ricardinho?  These Futsal players have mastered the skills needed to beat a player and we will teach you how to perform them!

Floor-to-Air Skills

Fed up of picking the ball up to start your ball juggles?  Learn 10 different ways of getting the ball into the air!  Challenge you family & friends, can they do it?