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School Opportunities

Since we were established in 2003, we have worked with over 75 primary and secondary schools in the South East. Over 10,000 children have benefited from our Sports Services.

We currently support the delivery of PE in a number of Schools and work with teachers to ensure that they continue to develop their confidence and knowledge in the subject.  

We also specialise in the delivery of the Scootability learning program and the Playleaders award, both of which are delivered in workshop formats.

In addition to curriculum support we also offer a range of extend services before, during and after School;

Breakfast Clubs - We will provide an early morning club which will help your players start the day the right way! Physical activity at the start of the day has been scientifically proven to release positive chemicals that aid concentration and increase levels of happiness. Breakfast clubs can cater for all ages and can take place indoors or outdoors - dependent on weather.  

Lunch Clubs - Lunchtime sessions can be tailored to offer advanced, professional training for the school team or simply to keep pupils entertained and stimulated with structured play, which makes life easier for teachers and school assistants.  

After School Clubs - Our reputation for quality and reliability has been established through our extensive network of after school clubs. We take full responsibility for the clubs from providing letters for distribution through to ensuring every child has been collected at the end of each session. Sessions take place weekly over a term and teach pupils the skills of football whilst improving co-ordination, agility, fitness, teamwork and confidence.

Inset/Development Days - We know there are a few days each year where teachers undergo training and pupils are given the day off. Why not make this a healthy living day and provide a full day of fun, professionally structured games and activities for students?

We will provide full management of the day from promotional letters through to complete responsibility for the children. All we need is access to the field/playground and toilets and we do the rest. Parents are asked to pay a small amount for the day, so it won't cost the school a penny but will actively promote physical activity.

School Fetes - The popular 'Beat the Goalie', 'Speed Shot' and 'Free Kick Challenge' are always a hit with kids and adults alike, especially with the great prizes for top scorers provided by us. We charge a small fee for each activity and any money that is made on the day is split 50/50 between us and the school.

Andy: 07929 861394

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